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Giuliano De Portu MD FACEP

Probably my first experience with a camera goes back to the mid 1970's. My father gave me a subscription to a magazine for children, published by National Geographic called “World”. It was great because it exposed me to science, nature and photography! The magazine was published monthly and it had many interesting projects for us to work on together. One edition had us build a “pinhole” camera… I guess that was the beginning of my journey in photography.

But I also clearly remember going at a book fair at school, probably in the third grade and buying an anatomy book. It was a pocketbook edition (picture included here) I would also spend countless hours looking at Volume #1 of my grandfather's Encyclopedia Brittanica “A- Anatomy”. It had beautiful drawings with overlaying transparent sheets that would allow you to “peel and dissect” through the human body. So now I had, and still have, two passions.


Medicine and Photography.

Thank you for dropping by! - GDP

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