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In this page you will find the highest honor I received as a photojournalist. This image was taken during a strike of the government owned telephone company in Puerto Rico in 1998. Police clashed with protesters and I was there to capture a moment that changed the course of the strike creating international interest about the event. There is a video link of that event (bottom of the page) and you will get an idea of what happened that day.  
Life Magazine - Alfred Eisenstaedt Award
Columbia University NYC

Alfred Eisenstaedt -
Photo:Weegee(Arthur Fellig)


Click on the link above: Video Courtesy of Omar Matos Univision PR
(Viewer discretion advised)
Thats's me as I was getting up from a kneeling position while I took the image that ran in LIFE
This two-page spread appeared in LIFE magazine's "The Big Picture"
in August of 1998. LIFE magazine "folded" as a monthly publication 
in 2002. They still 
print special editions intermittently. 
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